June 21, 2016

Vorail Kickstarter.

Vorail Kickstarter.

Close your eyes, how will it be, meeting new people? You can get so much more by hearing a person’s voice. Personality beyond pictures. While it is possible to feel a personal connection with someone that we happen to meet at the grocery store, in the gym, or at a coffee house, randomly stumbling on a genuinely meaningful connection with another person is rare. Today’s technology helps improve communications with people we already know, but in what way can it help us connect with folks we do not yet know? Many apps and websites offer photos as a filter, but pictures do not reflect personality or generate deeply felt human connection. The blind and visually impaired community understands how we can find relationships without photos, based on personality and chemistry. It’s time for the rest of us to learn. Vorail is based on the most human form of communication, our voice. After all, it is our voice that opens the window to our soul. Hear a question, speak an answer, ask a question, listen to the answers. When meeting people at a party, asking a question is the natural way to start talking. Choosing which questions to answer in a safe environment that protects privacy is a risk-free way to join the conversation. Vorail never request phone number or email, and any person who communicates in a way that makes you uncomfortable or any topic that makes you feel upset can be added to your mute bin so that communications between you and that person or topic will no longer take place. Vorail is a community where healthy and meaningful communication happens because people learn to trust one another by listening to the authenticity and sincerity that can only be expressed using the human voice. Likewise, people who are not authentic and sincere are recognized as such and subsequently muted by many in the community.

I really do like this idea, as much as I hate the fact that it’s mobile first. I like the idea of asking and answering questions this way. There are a whole bunch of question/answer sites/services, but this could be a unique one. I intend to back this Kickstarter, the fact that I’m going to back a kickstarter project is very rare, it’s only the second project I’ve ever backed.


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