August 26, 2015

Thoughts on PureBlogging.

Because for some reason WP is being stupid and wouldn’t display the bottom of the post where I’d written this long description, I’ve decided that it was decent enough to copy it into a text post.
I believe in pure blogging, maybe not PureBlogging the blog, (although some of the posts
are quite well-written!) However I do believe in the principle and philosophy behind it. Let’s get back to the basics of blogging before Buzzfeed took over and everything has to be about cat videos, whether you use the bathroom in the shower, and quizzes, (trust me, I don’t normally look at BuzzFeed! I just opened up their Twitter timeline to see what was there.) What are the basics of blogging?” Well that means everyone can blog about whatever they want. If someone wants to blog about their camping trip in a post, then share a recipe for muffins in another post, then show pictures of their dog the next day, that’s fine, (no niches are needed!) It means we seriously deemphasize what’s viral, and focus on what matters to the blogger themselves. Maybe that was their grandma’s recipe, and they finally got around to posting it! Of course I believe that tech news has it’s place, (and politics for that matter,) in fact if you want to post a recipe every day, (maybe you should actually consider starting that recipe blog.) However, I also think that when it comes to blogging, we need to take a step back to around 2003, and remain there for just a bit longer, (say, 4-5 years.)

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