December 17, 2016 Today, I'm doing something I don't do here often. I'm making a list! I've been on Gab since Monday now, and I love it! I've decided to make a list of some ideas and feature requests I have for Gab support.
  1. Embrace the open web! Right now the Gab developers are trying to get an iPhone app approved in the iOS app store. They’ve been rejected at least 2-3 times now, (because Apple says they have too much porn,) yet it allows Reddit, Twitter, and Tumblr all to have apps, all feature porn at some level. If Google allows them in the Play store, they should possibly try for that. Otherwise, they should let third-party developers create Android apps for Gab, and be what I call a Web First company. There are Mobile First companies, why can’t there be Web First” ones?
  2. Another way to do this would be to implement RSs for everything! There are various catigories for posts, there should be RSs feeds for those. Each user should have an RSs feed. There should be a combined feed of everyone I’m following, and a feed of my notifications that updates once every 15 minutes.
  3. A less-intense way to do RSS would be just for individual user pages, and the public timeline. Although it would be absolutely epic if we could search for a hashtag and it already had it’s own feed!
  4. Allow Gabbers to invite people who want to join! I have a friend who wants to join, and is now waiting it out because I couldn’t invite him!
  5. Jazz up the profiles a bit by allowing people to add links if they wish. As in maybe a link to their site, etc. This can be done, but given only 300 characters for the Bio, (which should be called an autobiography,) is a bit difficult when you don’t have an extra field for it. Maybe you could provide 2-5 extra fields for links.
  6. this is a conversation between me and RedPillPusher We both indicated we’d be interested in a email address that’s reasonably priced. I’d be interested if you’d host my domain for me as well.
  7. I’d be interested if you built a blogging/lifestreaming platform. Something very simple, but with the ability to edit HTML so we could add widgets/gadgets, (like Tumblr/Blogger,) and built-in themes, tagging, and support for the linkblog format. Almost like Tumblr, but a much more free, (as in speech,) and open version. I’d be willing to pay for the ability to blog on, (and if you’re hosting my domains for me already,) then I shouldn’t have to pay too much for the extra service. Maybe another $5 monthly, along with email/domain hosting.
  8. One final, very small, efficiency tweak. If you could please, pretty please! label the voting and flagging buttons with text as well as the images. That will make it much easier to tell the difference between them, which will make it a lot faster to find them!

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