May 10, 2016

This blog is now on a custom domain.

Otherwise known as the is the RSS feed still working?” post! Lol because when I pointed over, I wasn’t sure if I needed to tell Feedpress to get the feed from a different place. I can do that, it’s fairly easy. However, I want to test the feeds before I tell Blogger not to redirect long enough to get the default feed URL, paste it into Feedpress, and then re-redirect the feed. I’d also like to be able to forward to, (or to,) let’s just say I’ve never actually done domain forwarding before! I’d like to make it so that all you have to type is I’m thinking you can forward a domain to a subdomain on the same domain without using a 301 redirect, but I’m not sure. IN the past when I’ve done this, I’ve just used a redirect.

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