August 22, 2015

The post before this one was created with notepad.

I really don’t like the new version of Press this! There’s a reason for this, it makes me have to navigate around and click several buttons to reach the post options. When you have to change the post format to link” every time, it gets annoying. I liked the older version, where I could just do it inline! In the next few days, (yeah… right before linkday!) I’m most likely going to be importing this blog to a new blogging service. The service is called Blot, and it uses Dropbox. There have been services like this before, but they’ve all seemed to have to make an early exit for some reason. The creator is working on a WP importer right now, and says he’s reasonably confident he’ll have it done by Wednesday, (I’ve never moved a blog 3 days before an event before, but we’re going to try something new!) We’re also going to hope and pray that in the process of posting a link every 15 minutes for 24 hours next weekend, I don’t cause some unforeseen problem for a service that’s in public beta! So, in order to test how creating posts in a text file would work, I needed to actually do one. So that’s what the last post was. Warning: I have no idea if feed and/or IFTTT to Tumblr bridges will be working once I redirect my blog to Blot. I’m sure RSS works, but I’ll need to spend more time testing and getting basic functions up and running than making sure Tumblr works. In fact, I’m ready to leave those accounts behind, so if you don’t already read this linkblog at now’s the time to start doing so, (and it doesn’t cost anything!) Just point your browser to and start reading. You can subscribe to the feed, although it’s a feed provided by WP, and I’m not exactly sure how to archive it, will be looking into that in the coming days. I’ll be importing all my past posts, but I’d like to have a service that keeps my feed going between blog platform switches!

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