February 17, 2016

The official and obligatory long list of legal documents.

As I was busy downloading legal documents from the Apple case yesterday and today, (yeah, I did finish reading them!) I put them in my public folder so I could post them here. So what you’re about to get is something you got a couple years ago, a list of a whole bunch of documents in one post, simply because it would be ridiculous to separate them.

  • 160216-Back-Door-Request.pdf Lol I didn’t name this document! This is the application the government filed on 10/8/2015, the one that actually asks for the order.

  • gov.uscourts.nyed_.376325.2.0.pdf This is the first ruling filed by a magistrate judge. He actually did a good thing, and deferred until responses from Apple were filed.

  • 2015-10-19_apple_response_brief.pdf This is the first response by Apple, how they got away with only 7 pages, I have no idea!

  • gov.uscourts.nyed_.376325.15.0.pdf So Apple writes a 7 page first response, then the government writes 26 pages? Lol, someone was a bit long-winded!

  • gov.uscourts.nyed_.376325.10.1.pdf This is a brief of amici curiae filed by the Eff, the ACLU, the New York Civil Liberties Union, Jennifer Granic, and Riana Pfefferkorn. All the briefs in this case are well-written , they’re also written like appeals court briefs, even though (that I know of,) it hasn’t gotten to that stage yet.

  • e.d.n.y._1-15-mc-01902_16.pdf Apple filed it’s second and final response on 2/9/2016.

  • SB-Shooter-Order-Compelling-Apple-Asst-iPhone.pdf Then comes the order to compel. I had to use my screen reader’s OCR feature to get this into text format, it didn’t turn out as cleartext, so I can’t exactly see the date filed, but I’m sure it was either 2/16 or 2/17. I’ve seen an order to compel before, and this one’s pretty standard, (minus the we want you to build new software for the phone” language.)

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