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Copywrongs 2. December 28, 2016
SAN FRANCISCO � Late on Tuesday night, as it became clear that Donald J. November 13, 2016
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Google Says More People Are Interested in Deez Nuts Than Hillary Clinton August 22, 2015
Deez Nuts for President? Why Not, Says Iowa Farm Boy August 22, 2015
Horrifically, GOP defends NSA’s illegal surveillance of U.S. citizens August 17, 2015
Senate fails to advance CISA before recess amid rising grassroots opposition August 7, 2015
GOP Debate 2015 Fox Debate FULL DEBATE 8/6/15 Republican Presidential Hopefuls Debate August 7, 2015
GOP contenders embrace criminal justice reform July 21, 2015
Top NSA critic could lose seat October 21, 2014
This Kid Made an App That Exposes Sellout Politicians July 27, 2014
The Growing Partisan Issue of Holding Clapper Accountable for Lying to Congress December 20, 2013
The US government has betrayed the internet. We need to take it back | Bruce Schneier | Comment is free | The Guardian September 6, 2013
Author Of The Patriot Act Says NSA Surveillance Is An Abuse And Must End June 12, 2013
Repeal, in whole or in part, the U.S.A. Patriot Act, in order to stop secret, warrantless collection of data. June 8, 2013
All the Infrastructure a Tyrant Would Need, Courtesy of Bush and Obama June 8, 2013
Side with the blind over obstructionist companies to secure a Treaty for the Blind that makes books accessible globally. May 25, 2013
Blind advocates: Hollywood lobbying threatens deal for accessible books May 23, 2013
McCain Introduces Bill for ‘a la Carte’ Cable TV May 13, 2013
Internet sales tax bill faces tough sell in House May 7, 2013
Legislation would provide subsidies for low-income broadband access May 3, 2013
Five ways Congress should improve the copyright system May 3, 2013
Senate committee votes to end warrantless e-mail searches. April 28, 2013
CISPA ‘dead’ in Senate, privacy concerns cited April 25, 2013
Senate votes to move forward on bill taxing Internet sales April 24, 2013
Senate embraces Internet taxes | March 25, 2013
Require Congressmen & Senators to wear logos of their financial backers on their clothing, much like NASCAR drivers do. March 22, 2013
Senator Claire McCaskill drafting bill to allow in-flight electronicsduring takeoff and landing March 8, 2013
Pentagon Suggests Sequester Would Impair Ability to Fight WikiLeaks March 1, 2013
New Bill Helps Expand Public Access to Scientific Knowledge February 21, 2013
White House warns of dangers posed by WikiLeaks, LulzSec, other ‘hacktivists’ February 21, 2013
House panel to reintroduce controversial cyber bill, setting up White House fight February 13, 2013
A Senator’s Lonely Crusade to Learn the CIA’s Secrets January 21, 2013
The Oath on a Sunday and President for a Day January 21, 2013