November 18, 2016

EUGENE, Ore. — The City of Eugene may have banned plastic bags in all retail establishments within city limits, but several other cities throughout Oregon do not have any bag laws.

A couple from Eugene, started a petition to ban plastic bags in all of Oregon on last Friday.

Ryan and Lana Cole said they made the petition after they saw that California did a statewide ban and thought Oregon could follow their lead.

Four Oregon cities besides Eugene have bans on plastic bags. Those include Corvallis, Portland, Newport and Ashland, which just recently banned them.

Ultimately, it is up to each City Council to vote on a law banning plastic bags but the couple hopes this petition may get the conversation started.

Cole believes plastic bags are not only dangerous for our environment but also a waste of resources.

You see them in trees, you see them on the beaches, wildlife ingest them, give them to their young, said Ryan Cole, co-author of the petition. �It’s incredible the amount of resources used to create the bags, it’s a terrible waste stream.”

Cole said there are over two thousand signatures behind their petition and said that number keeps growing.

The couple said their goal is right now is to start banning bags throughout the whole state of Oregon, but they ultimately hope for banning them nationwide.

You can find their petition here:

Let’s just say I’m not an environmentalist at all, and I believe you should look up climategate and that will tell you why. Is climate change real? Well yeah, the climate is always changing. Is it warming, well I don’t even think the scientists who testify in front of congress actually know that for sure. Secondly, I don’t think we need to do something because it’s groupthink. As in, they do it in these certain cities, let’s just have it done state wide! That’s a bad idea, and not only that, they should give people the choice. If they want to bring their own bags that’s fine, if they want to buy a set of reusables, stores should probably sell them somewhere near the checkout counter, oh yeah and if they want to use paper and/or plastic, that should be cool too!

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