November 1, 2015

Online text editors.

I was looking for a service that would allow me to journal and sync with Dropbox, and I did find one, but I decided I’d list some simple text editing/journaling services for those who might be looking for the same thing, or a different kind of service.

  • Writer This is the first one I looked at, it will sync with Dropbox if you subscribe to the pro version.

  • Writebox

  • MyWord Editor This is an essay editor developed by Dave Winer, it uses Twitter to authenticate. I’m not sure if it does Dropbox or any sort of syncing yet.

  • EditPad This is just a very simple put anything here” kind of text editor. The site says it’s for notes.

  • myTextarea Drop your text here and it will count the words and characters for you. You could use this as a text editor, or a word/character counter.

Journaling sites/services.

I did include a few journaling services in this list, I decided to separate them from the main list because they aren’t exactly text editors, (as in just drop your text here and we’ll save it for you,) they have a few extra features.

  • Can you write 750 words each day? I tried this for a while, and I know I can’t!

  • Penzu This is a service that makes you pay for most of the nice features, I quickly discovered that upon sign up and decided not to use it, but the reminder emails still come.

  • Dabble This service will send you a daily email, (again if you pay, otherwise they come once a week,) to remind you to write. I’m sure you could probably set up IFTTT to do this.

I’m sure there are a lot more services like this out there, these are just the ones I came across in my searching. Since I enjoy making lists, I’ve decided to gather big lists of services for NaBloPoMo, (most of them will be alternatives to other services, updating the list of alternatives to Google services from 2012, but some will just be lists of services I went and collected. I’ll also be posting as many of the regular links as I can, but the posts I tag with NaBloPoMo will count for my post for that particular day.

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