December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas!

First, I’d just like to wish anyone reading a Merry Christmas! I’ve taken an extended blogging break to get ready for my blog 365 challenge that I’m doing on my personal blog, starting 1/1. However, I’m preparing to observe CET for 32c3, so like last year, I’ll definitely post the lectures I find interesting. I started observing CET last night, as I didn’t have much fun recovering from the whole thing last year, and I was extremely tired after my scheduled lectures were over each day. Speaking of CET, I must get thee to bed in less than an hour, so this is a quick post. Anyway, I hope everyone who celebrates has a Merry Christmas!
PS, in case anyone wants to see what I’ve been looking at for the last few days, here’s a link to the 32c3 schedule.


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