September 22, 2016

Get mirandized for an encrypted world. This talk will cover the legal doctrines and statues our government is perverting to compel individuals into decrypting their data, or conscript technology companies into subverting the security of their own products. We�ll survey the arguments being advanced by prosecutors, the resulting case law, and the ethical dilemmas facing technology companies. The session will cover the rights and civil liberties we�ve already lost, and review the current threats to our collective freedoms. We�ll cover what an individual needs to know if they want to avoid compelled decryption, and keep their data private. We�ll also discuss strategies that third parties (friends, f/oss developers, and technology companies) can use to resist conscription and build trust through transparency. Because knowing your rights, is only half the battle

Ladar Levison serves as the founder, president, and chief executive of Lavabit, where he has worked the past 12 years. Founded in 2004 (and originally called Nerdshack), Lavabit was created because Mr. Levison believes that privacy is a fundamental, necessary right for a functioning, free and fair democratic society. Presently, Mr. Levison is focused on Lavabit’s Dark Mail Initiative, which aims to make end-to-end email encryption automatic and ubiquitous, while continuing to vigorously advocate for the privacy and free speech rights of all. Mr. Levison�s involvement in the internet can be traced to the early days of the world wide web, when he built his first website, in the early nineties for the fledgling Mosiac web browser (from the National Center for Supercomputing Applications).

OK, this presentation is long! Everyone should watch it if they’ve had any questions over the past 3 years though. It’s long enough to explain everything, and it does exactly that! If you still come out of this one agreeing with the defamers, well then there’s probably not much anyone’s going to be able to say to change your mind.

external link to video.

Lavabit legal surveillance video

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