June 30, 2012

I need a searchable web database.

I’m not talking about MYSQL, or anything like that. I’m talking abouta wiki-like interface that I can dump 1600 questions into, (without each question having it’s own individual page,) that has search features. So basically it would be one single page of questions, or it could be 2-4 pages, but I’d be able to search for a question either by number, or using certain words. Somehow, this would also need to let me see blank spots faster, so that I could fill them in with questions. It would help, (but not be completely necissary,) if I could maybe split the questions up into catigories. So kind of like PasteBin, with a few more features than that. Oh yeah, and next year I will not be using FirstGiving for blogathon! It’s giving me way too many problems for me to keep using it!

text webservices

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No time for links today. I’m getting ready to take an overnight trip with my family, and we’ll be leaving fairly soon, so I thought I’d just post something all quick-like.
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This is my 100th post! Yep it is! I don’t really have everything together to do one of those listy things, but I wanted to post something, so this is just a text post. Yay