November 2, 2015

Google search alternatives.

I’m going to start out the lists of Google alternatives with Google search.

  • Yahoo Perhaps the most obvious is Yahoo, although Yahoo search is actually Bing, so you might as well just use Bing instead, (that’s why I didn’t include Bing in the list.)

  • DuckDuckGo A private search engine, they actually do they’re own indexing.

  • Startpage private search engine that uses Google, (without you being signed in, of course.)

  • Ixquick From the creators of Startpage.

  • Dogpile What I’m using now. I wanted something that would search multiple search engines, I couldn’t believe Dogpile was still around and working, but it is.

  • Zapmeta Another meta search engine, (like Dogpile.)

  • ask Really, this is still around? Hah…

I tried to include different kinds of services, from services that have been around for years, (yahoo and ask,) to newer private search engines. I also included search engines that search other search engines, because I think just using one is counterproductive now, especially with Google ranking it’s own results above everyone elses.

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