November 5, 2015

Feedburner alternatives.

Feedburner is a service that, although we’ve long thought Google would kill it, still exists. I’m starting to wonder why at this point! Google isn’t doing anything with it, and hasn’t for a while. That being said, I think this is the smallest of the lists I’ve compiled so far.

  • Feedcat does most of what Feedburner does, without the email delivery.

  • Feedblitz Feedblitz isn’t free, and doesn’t even have a free tier.

  • Feedsnap is probably the one I’ll use if I ever end up using a service for my feeds again, (which I might when I switch away from Wordpress.)

  • Feedio This service gives you a profile page to let readers subscribe to your feed from, as a subscriber, I’d rather do it straight from the feed.

  • Feedpress A service that charges $4 per month for feed analytics, and also offers podcast hosting. They do offer a 14 day trial.

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