April 5, 2016

Emails to RSS

Emails to RSS
This is one of those services that someone recommended to me a while ago, but I didn’t start using until today. I’ve been looking for a service like this for a while. The only question is, will I break it?” I’ve been doing things a bit well… different than they were probably intended. I’ve been changing my email address for all my subscriptions to the email address that the service gave me. Trust me, I have a lot of subscriptions! I’ve been doing this very slowly, so as to try not to exhaust the app engine quotas, but I may have done that already. If the developer of said service wants to get in contact with me, I wouldn’t mind paying.
If you have a newsletter, you should consider implementing an RSS option, not everyone wants to use email to subscribe. Tip: you may not realize how many newsletters already have feeds, I didn’t realize this before unsubscribing/changing my email address. However, most still don’t use them. It would be nice for a service like TinyLetter to let you offer an RSS feed with your newsletter.

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