April 19, 2016

Doing the blog platform switch-thing again.

Lol because it’s been almost 2 years already! I’m switching back to well, the second platform of origin. Lol right after this blog was on Tumblr for like not very long in 2012, it was on Blogger until February 2013, when I guess for some reason I had enough of the Blogger interface. I don’t know why because I know all the tricks. Lol I’m mostly talking about URL tricks. Sure Blogger does some strange things with it’s interface, (there are parts of the settings that aren’t easy to access,) but if you can figure out what the URL is, you can pretty much work around that. Oh, and you know what? They kept they’re way of adding widgets the same, it isn’t drag-and-drop like WP, in other words, it isn’t a major PITA to add/remove them! Oh and I don’t have the this plugin had been updated 4 updates ago” problem!

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