October 19, 2015

Changes are coming!

Well, otherwise known as a return of what this blog used to be, before June 2013. Oh don’t get me wrong, I’ll still post news articles, (especially the ones I find interesting enough to post, however that isn’t the reason I started this blog. I actually started this blog to link to sites and services I found cool/interesting, and I’ve gotten away from that mission quite a bit! Yeah I used to post news articles back before the NSA leaks happened, but if I remember correctly, I used to at least make it a point to intersperse them, (it didn’t always happen, as I’m sure it won’t, but I’m saying i’ll at least try.) Now I reserve posting sites and services for occasions like Linkday, when I need shorter links to post. If you look at the archives from 2012, (and at least the first couple months of 2013,) that wasn’t the case.
I’m also looking forward to taking this blog through NaBloPoMo next month! This is another challenge in which I blog daily. I’m doing one of those on my personal blog right now, Write 31 days, and if I can figure out a topic, (because the challenge consists of writing a post on a single topic every day for 31 days,) I’ll take this blog through next year. All this to say I’m looking forward to doing a bit more writing here as well. I’m also looking forward to getting off WordPress! I know I talked about Blot last August, but the developer still doesn’t have the WP import script done. I do know however that he’s working on it! I really don’t like using Press this to post, and I don’t like having to change the post format to link every time! Press this doesn’t work well in Chrome for instance, where it doesn’t show you the post titles, it puts a lot of extra things in the title, and if you want to edit those out you need to have access to the title field. It doesn’t really give me that access in Chrome for some reason.

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