March 4, 2016

Catching up on Amicus briefs in the strangely named Apple case.

I haven’t finished reading all the briefs filed in support of Apple yet, (or the ones filed for the FBI, for that matter!) However, I don’t particularly want to have to do the linking to a whole bunch of legal documents in one post” thing multiple times. I’m going to take time to finish all the supporting briefs I’ve downloaded, (there were 10,) then read the ones for the FBI, (just to try and because I always read briefs for both sides in every case,) and then when I’m finished, I’ll link to about 5 or 6 of what I believe to be the most interesting/well-written ones. If you want to read all the briefs too, (because Apple didn’t include the government-supporting ones on it’s site, you can go here: Lol, as far as the strange naming of cases goes, this one has to be one of the strangest and longest case names! This case, assigned to Magistrate Judge Sheri Pym in the Central District of California, is officially named In re Matter of the Search Warrant of an Apple iPhone Seized During the Execution of a Search Warrant on a Black Lexus IS300, California License Plate 35KGD203.”

Apple legal text

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