November 8, 2015

Blogging platforms.

I thought this was going to be a list of Blogger alternatives, but I didn’t want to include WP, (since I’m not exactly happy with it.) So it turned out to just be a big list of blogging platforms, (besides WP, of course!)

  • Tumblr

  • Posthaven Posthaven is offering 10 blogs for $5 a month. However, they don’t offer theming as of yet, (they’re still working on it) and they don’t offer importing from any other platforms.)

  • Postagon $4.99 per month for simple blogging. I’d like to try this, they do offer import of posts, (I think it’s via RSS.)

  • Squarespace I’ve included Squarespace here, because although Squarespace is more of a hosting company, they do host blogs on the personal plan, (which is $8 per month.)

  • Typepad Typepad will host your blog for $8.95 per month.

  • Sunsed They’re also offering $5 per month for 10 blogs, but they’re definitely launching things faster than Posthaven!

  • Blot Blogging using Dropbox and text files for $20 per year.

  • Postach Using Evernote to blog.

  • Ghost Gost offers both a self-hosted blogging platform, and blog hosting for $8 per month for the personal plan.

  • Anchor A self-hosted CMS that’s extremely small, (as in 150 MB!)

  • Jekyl Create a blog from a plane text or static sites.


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