June 6, 2012

A list of the sites I linked to while I was on tumblr

So in order to bring some of the best sites, (or the ones I liked the most,) over here, I thought I’d do what I always like to do and make a list!

  • Day Zero Project For making those 101 in 1001 days lists.

  • Now Do This A very, very simple to-do list site, that displays one task at a time.

  • kicksaver A site that lets you save kickstarter projects by donating to them, before they end without meeting their goal.

  • Ifttt If this then that” statements for the internet.

  • Siftlinks RSS for links in your twitter stream.

  • lilnub A bookmarklet for saving web pages to your email inbox.

  • Answer4Earth Help plant trees by answering trivia questions.

  • Free Kibble Answer questions to help feed dogs or cats that are in shelters.

  • DrugsDB Online prescription side effects database. Enter the prescription you take, and it will display a list.

  • Show RSS feed bookmarklet A bookmarklet to help find hidden feeds.

  • WordlessWeb A bookmarklet to strip text out of web pages, and only show images.

  • Philanthroper Like those daily deal sites, but for giving to charity. One charity is displayed every day, and you can give up to $10.

  • Listly Lets you make lists for your blog.

OK, this list is getting sort of long, so I’m going to make a second list in a second post!

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