May 26, 2012

A list of alternatives to Google services.

I’ve been attempting to switch away from Google over the past couple weeks, here are some of the services I’ve found.

Alternatives to Google search.

Alternatives to Gmail.

  • Hotmail I’m now using this as of yesterday.

  • Fastmail Offers very little storage for it’s free plan.

  • Zoho Mail This is more for businesses, but does offer a free plan.

  • My Opera Mail From the people behind the Opera browser.

  • Yandex Mail, If you really, really want to use a russian email service… here ya go.

  • Hushmail If you want really secure, really private email, this one’s for you. They have free and paid plans.

Blogger Alternatives.

  • and this is the worst of them, in my opinion. I used self-hosted wordpress for years and it kept breaking.

  • Tumblr This is the best of them as far as I’m concerned! Love tumblr for several reasons, but mainly because they make it really easy to post and don’t break domains.

  • Posterous This is an email blogging service, and it was bought by twitter a couple months ago.

  • TypePad If you want something more professional, otherwise known as a service you have to pay for, there’s TypePad and Squarespace

  • Livejournal If you want to use a really old and outdated blogging service, then use Livejournal!

Google Reader Alternatives.

This is the smallest of the categories, because no one seems to want to build a better/more simpler RSS reader than Google reader.

  • newsblur I haven’t tested this one yet.

  • Good Noows Again I haven’t tested this one, but this is another web-based alternative.

  • NetVibes If you want a Start page that’s also an RSS reader, here’s one. Pageflakes is another one.

  • Bloglines Why anyone would want to use Bloglines is a mystery to me, but if you want an RSS reader that’s persistent and seems to never shut down, well then here it is.

Google Analytics Alternatives.

  • Sitemeter I’ve used this one in the past, it provides everything that GA provides.

  • Statcounter I’ve also used this one, and I liked it.

  • Histats I wouldn’t mind trying this one.

  • Clicky I haven’t used this one, but it’s mostly for professional sites.

Those are alternatives for the Google services I use. I’ve never used Maps, docs, or calendar, so I didn’t take the time to research those. There are a couple things I can’t find a decent alternative to. Feedburner is one of them, all the services want to charge you for what Feedburner does for free. Also Google Apps FYD, most services want you to pay to use email from a domain. But I think that’s a big enough list for now! If anyone has any other suggestions, put them in my ask a question” page, (because I don’t have comments going yet, but I should get them up eventually!)

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