October 6, 2015

A bit of experimentation.

So I posted this question over at ask ME-FI. It’s about converting email newsletter subscriptions into RSS feeds, and finding a way to do it. Someone mentioned Zapier, but when I signed up they actually wanted me to input the content of the message itself into the feed, um… isn’t their feed fetcher supposed to go find that? They also mentioned creating a blog and subscribing my newsletters to it. The thing is, usually post-by-email only accepts emails from one sender. Although I did try creating a wordpress.com blog, (I tried both Tumblr and blogger first and had issues with them!) However, when I forwarded one of my subscriptions to it, it failed to leave any of the links in. I don’t really care about images, but this is a subscription that links to articles so I do care about the links. I just wish there was an easier way to do this! That, and create RSS feeds for sites that don’t have them! Even sites that have bad feeds, or their feeds are invalid.

newsletters RSS text

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