April 5, 2016

7 Website Navigation Tips for a User Friendly Website

7 Website Navigation Tips for a User Friendly Website
I found this via Versioning, and I agree with many of the things they’re saying, and I would add a couple more. When it comes to navigation, good link descriptions are always necessary! You don’t want 5 links that say clikc here,” well… because it’s extremely hard to figure out which link that says clikc here” I need to click on. Not only that, but I’m not alone when I say I like to use headings for navigation. That doesn’t mean we need to overdo it on heading text! For instance the title of a blog article or an RSS feed should be a heading, (if you’re an RSS reader and you’re not doing this even in list view, you have issues and I need to sit down and lecture you!) Not everything needs to be a heading under that, though. I would be incorrect to say that everyone uses headings for navigation though, because I got yelled at for telling someone that headings make good site structure last year on Twitter. I promptly unfollowed the person.
I’m also not going to lecture you if you don’t comply with every! single! accessibility! standard! there is. For me, as long as I can navigate and use your site OK, (and I don’t have problems with the RSS feed, and you better have one!) You shouldn’t have any problems with me. However, one thing I won’t do is tweet this post, because I’ll get in trouble with several people on Twitter who think standards are the best thing in the world and everyone should follow every single one.

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